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As part of community, it is graceful for individuals and teams to contribute their efforts for Decentralization. It is also at the community's heart to centralize most of these information for teams and freshmen.

IF you are happy with the tool, don't forget to tip them :)


Nominators are below

Crunch is a small script that allow you to setup your nomination reward payout in no time within 1 hour after the era.


  • v0.5.2 will require Ubuntu 20.x and above. v0.4.1 will work with Ubuntu 18.x.

  • Will need a separated (recommended) SR25519 or Ledger account on-chain with 0.1KSM deposit, paraphrase required into the config.

  • Will work with Polkadot and Kusama

This is a statistic Bot that you can registered on Matrix Room for your nodes.


  • An Matrix Account that can join the public Kusama and/or Pulkadot Room

  • Quick Tip:

    • Type !subscribe your_stash_Hash - This is to subscribe your hash individually, this is the most useful one.

Prometheus - Scripts by 1KVnode -

This is a Rules.YML that can use for your node. It has a description method that helps you to differentiate your nodes

ChainViz PacMan -

This is PacMan's Love, the visual effect provides a single pane of glass for any new block generation by the active set of validators within Kusama.